Výbuch e-cigarety v rukách muža z Kalifornie


Hovorca Orange County Fire Authority ukazuje zvyšky zariadenia, ktoré vybuchlo v rukách Chrisa Brookinsa.

Orange County Fire Authority spokesperson Capt. Steve Concialdi holds the broken pieces of a modified electronic cigarette that exploded in Chris Brookins’ hands. During a press conference, Brookins recounts the incident on Tuesday morning in Santa Ana after he was burned by an exploded electronic cigarette late Sunday night.

////ADDITIONAL INFO: – 05.ecigexplosions.ks – Day: Tuesday – Date: 3/10/15 – Time: 9:39:34 AM – Original file name: _KSA9878.NEF – KEN STEINHARDT, ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER — Chris Brookins, 29 and Sean Schoepflin

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